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Other Heamatology Reagent

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Cat No Description Anti-A1, Lectin (Dolichos biflorus), 5ml/vial Anti-H, Lectin (Ulex europaeus), 2ml/vial Anti-C Monoclonal, 5ml/vial Anti-c Monoclonal, 5ml/vial Anti-E Monoclonal, 5ml/vial Anti-e Monoclonal, 5ml/vial Anti-C+D+E Monoclonal, 5ml/vial Anti-M, Human, 2ml/vial Anti-N, Lectin (Vicia graminea), 2ml/vial Anti-S, Human, 2ml/vial Anti-s, Human, 2ml/vial Anti-Fya, Human, 2ml/vial Anti-Fyb, Human, 2ml/vial Anti-k, Human, 2ml/vial Anti-Kpa, Human, 2ml/vial Anti-Kpb, Human, 2ml/vial Anti-Jka, Human, 2ml/vial Anti-JKb, Human, 2ml/vial Anti-Lua, Human, 2ml/vial Anti-Lub, Human, 2ml/vial Anti-K Monoclonal, 5ml/vial Anti-Lea, Monoclonal, 2ml/vial Anti-Leb, Monoclonal, 2ml/vial Anti-P1, Monoclonal, 2ml/vial Rh-D Negative Control, 10ml/vial, Individually Packed Rh-D Negative Control, 10ml/vial, 10 vials/Pack Anti-Cw, 2ml/vial Antibody Enhancement Solution (LISS), 10ml/vial, Individually Packed Antibody Enhancement Solution (LISS), 10ml/vial, 10 vials / box
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