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Microbiology Culture Media

Blood cultures are used to detect the presence of bacteria or fungi in the blood, to identify the type present, and to guide treatment. Testing is used to identify a blood infection (septicemia) that can lead to sepsis, a serious and life-threatening complication. Individuals with a suspected blood infection are often treated in intensive care units, so testing is often done in a hospital setting. A bacterial infection in the blood called bacteremia. It can be serious because the blood can spread the bacteria to any part of the body. Blood infections most often occur with other serious infectionssuch as those affecting the lungs, kidneys, bowel, gallbladder, or heart valves. Blood infections may also develop when the immune system is weak in infants and older adults, from disease (such as cancer or AIDS) or from medicines (such as corticosteroids or chemotherapy) that change the ability of your body to fight infections (immunity).


 Atlas Transport Medium (VTM) is used for collection and transport of the clinical samples containing viruses; including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) in active form from collection site to the testing laboratory.

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Cat No Description Blood Culture Bottles, Pediatric Size Blood Culture Bottles, Adult Size VIRAL TRANSPORT MEDIUM (VTM) with Flocked Swab
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